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Beauty leg noodles - vegetarian face (box)

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Key Features

Beautyleg noodles - vegetarian face (box)

    Zizania latifolia,also known as Zizania latifolia, also known as wild rice bamboo shoots, plusbamboo shoots, white bamboo shoots, wild mushrooms, wild turtle Jiang, wildgrass grass, beauty legs, vegetables "Ya", wild vegetables, wildbamboo shoots, wild bamboo shoots, , Wild rice, high bamboo shoots, wild ricefirst, wild rice, wild rice gardener, wild rice dishes, ancient called wild orwild. Is a genus of wild genus. The plant height is 1-2.5 meters, which isperennial perennial aquatic herbaceous plants. The flowering period is summerand autumn. The female flowers are yellowish green and the male flowers arepurple and the veins are parallel to each other. There are white stolons in therhizosphere and new ones in spring. Southeast Asia.


       Zizania is a herbaceous aquaticherbaceous plant, a total of four species. Three of them are distributed inNorth America and only one in Asia, Z. latifolia. The child is black andedible. Zizania was eaten in ancient China, and wild rice was one of nine orsix valleys. Ustilago esculenta, which was parasitic in the stem of rice,stimulated the growth of thin-walled tissue, so that the young stem wasenlarged and became wild (Also known as wild rice, wild rice bamboo shoots), isa common in southern China a vegetable. Since ancient times the Ojibiwa Indiansalso feed mainly on Z. palustris.


     sweet, cold richin fiber, can promote gastrointestinal movement, thirst, to solve the red eyesand so on. Ingredients: protein, carbohydrate, dietary fiber, ash, vitamin A,B1, B2, C, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and soon. can be cold, fried, soup, baked, unique flavor.


Beautyleg noodles - vegetarian face (box)

Content:12 bowls per box

ProductCode: 4713327275537

    Breaking the traditional thinking,innovative brand and commodity value,

 To the production of wild rice bamboo shoots,carefully developed from the beauty of leg soup noodles, fragrant soup,fragrant Q bullet teeth noodles, with high fiber health, light and deliciouswild rice bamboo shoots, home for their own essential products, friends Goodchoice.


 main ingreadient:

 Facial: flour, edible starch, palm oil, salt,surface conditioner (food grade potassium carbonate, superphosphate), flavoringagent, vitamin E (natural antioxidant Qi), B-carotene (natural edible pigment)


 Seasoning powder package: salt, monosodiumglutamate, spices, mushrooms powder, sugar, flavoring, dehydrated vegetables,kelp buds, seasoning meat.

 Seasoning Tape: Salad Oil, Sesame Oil, VitaminE (Natural Antioxidant)

 Vegetable bag: dehydrated wild rice shoots


   Preservation method: to avoid directsunlight, room temperature preservation.

  Shelf life: 6 months

  Wild bamboo shoots Source: Nantou County townof Puli


  Nutrition Labeling:

  Each volume of 84 grams

  This package contains 1 part

  Heat 388.4 kcal

  Protein 6.1 grams

  Fat 22 grams

  Saturated fat 6.5 grams

  Trans fats 0 grams

  Carbohydrate 41.5 grams

  Sodium 1538 mg


     Product FOB Price per box USD $ 21.67 perbox 12 bowls(1) order 1 ~ 60 boxes per box US $ 21.67 yuan(2) order 61 ~ 100boxes per box US $ 19.50 yuan

(3)order 101 ~ 300 boxes per box US $ 17.34 yuan(4) order 301 ~ 500 boxes per boxUS $ 15.170 yuan(5) order 501 ~ 1000 boxes per box US $ 13.0 yuan.

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Last Update : 2017-09-05
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