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ATon tea

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  • Type : Flavored Tea,Oolong Tea
  • Packaging  : Bag, Bulk, Gift Packing, Vacuum Pack

Key Features

ATon tea ~ A Tea for blessing and turning your life On

Our Claim:

Tea-drinking can be a fun thing that delivers a reflection of life, mood or wishes. 

Our Objective

To reach out the true harmony of the world through a multi-cultural tea-drinking regimen. 

Our Culture:

The optimal balance from diversified mixtures of the world

Our Taste:

“When the West meets the East”, the true harmony outbursts and lingers in the 

mind, heart, gustation and then into the soul.  

Why is ATon Tea "A Tea for Blessing and Turning alife On”?

1. Blessing from the source of power in the cosmos – the Sun, subtly and delicately operating on the Tropic of Cancer lying upon our tea farms to grow our unique tea!

2. Turning A Life On by varieties of our blended and natural teas that accommodate your needs at every moment from AM to PM.

Our Products

Daily Series

Blended Herbal Oolong

These teas yield a unique aroma with multi-level flavor and pleasing lingering aftertaste.  A nonpareil made by selected best quality Oolong from Taiwan and herbs from Germany –When the West meets the East, the sparks igniteJ   

1. Wake Up & Good Morning!

(Peppermint Oolong) 

Refreshing, Nourishing, and Staying Fit! 

An evocative elixir to awaken a refreshing morning and recharge energy, making every start of the day full of positive energies that keep you fit, young and smart-looking! Peppermint helps digestion and elevating spirits whilst Oolong doubles the nutrition that combines black and green tea, providing effectiveness in metabolism and relaxation to your body and mind!

Ingredients: Peppermint,Ali Mtn. Oolong (1350M, Taiwan), Licorice Root 

2. CheerUp!! Good Afternoon!

(Rose Oolong)

Revitalize, Love, Stay Charming and Healthy! 

A tantalizing recipe for a healthy body,mind, and skin.  Oolong, Roses, Rosehips and Rooibos doubles the benefits in rejuvenating from a stressful, tiring moment or afternoon and lightening up a ruddy complexion.  The recipe is good for skincare and regulates metabolism to stay fit and nice-looking.  Roses have been historically known in Europe as a natural component of food for love, bringing your beauty from inside out.

Ingredients: Rose,Rosehips, Oolong (1350M Ali Mtn., Taiwan), Licorice Root, Rooibos     

3. Relax~ Hello Evening!

(Rooibos Oolong)

Re-nourishing, Calming, Perfect ending for a day!

A mellow catholicon-drink, this precious combination of tea contains valuable nutrition and minerals that soothe and calm bodies and minds.  This unique recipe helps metabolism, replenishes nutrients lost during the day and makes ita perfect ending for your body to rebuild its health through a restful sleep.  Drink it at least 2 hours before going to the bed if you are sensitive to caffeine. 

Ingredients: Rooibos,Oolong (1350M Ali Mtn., Taiwan), Licorice Root       

4. SmileIt’s Weekend! JJJ

(Tropical Fruit Oolong) - Also good for Summer especially when serving in cold!

Juicy, Joyful and Healthy

A boost to shed light on the weekend!  Tropical sweet and sour fruits shake up your body and sentiments to jump right into a joyful weekend or moments that please you the best of all!  The high mountain Oolong nourishes, energizes, and keeps you fit and young.

Ingredients: Fruit Tea (Peach + Pineapple), Oolong (1350M Ali Mtn., Taiwan)   

Loose Leaves

1. Ali Mtn. Oolong Tea

Purity, Health, Aftertaste

Grown at 1350 M a.s.l. on the Pacific island Taiwan, our Ali Mtn.Oolong has its well-known reputation of its refreshing aroma and long,lingering aftertaste, sweet and smooth. All hand-picked and roasted by Logan-tree charcoal with traditional baking method, our Oolong tea reserves the most nutrition and flavor from nature.  An absolute healthy daily drink to put on the food regimen.

This nonpareil tea yields a unique aroma and pleasing lingering aftertaste.  Natural, strictly selected high mountain Oolong from Taiwan. 

~ When the West tastes the East, the sparks ignite!

Ingredients: Ali Mtn. Oolong

All ATon Teas can be prepared and served in both hot and cold.

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Minimum Order : 1 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2020-07-27
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