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Assam Black Tea (Taiwan Tea 8) 300g

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  • Type : Black Tea
  • Packaging  : Vacuum Pack

Key Features

AssamBlack Tea (Taiwan Tea 8)

    1926from India to introduce large species of Assam (Assam) tea, planted in NantouCounty Yuchi Township, Sun Moon Lake aroma with a touch of malt incense,comparable to the large species of Assam origin India and Sri Lanka black tea,featuring It is very unique in the black tea kingdom, very suitable for usewhen the tea drink, known as the king of the king of tea; or add lemon juice,ginger (currently Japan's most respected Raising tea) is also excellent.


    Produced in the elevation of about 500-600mTaiwan Sunrise Lake tea area, producing climate pleasant, beautiful mountainsand rivers, pregnant tea of ​​the original flavor; by the tea,withering, rubbing, Jiejie, fermentation, drying and other traditional methods, Lock the most authentic tea flavor. The tea is clear and bright red, thedistribution of a touch of malt incense, the product sipping taste rich glycol.


    A touch of malt and clear and bright redtea and full of fermented tea system, its special aroma by many friends love,aroma mellow, touch your taste nerves,

Feelthe taste of each brewing changes in the wonderful experience, so that the mostdirect taste of the body and mind by the good taste and body and mind quiet,this is the most authentic and charming Taiwanese enjoyment.

<1>Assam Black Tea (Taiwan Tea 8) 300g

Marketprice per package US $ 10.0

(1)Order Quantity 1 ~ 50 packs US $ 9.0 per package (2) Order quantity 51 ~ 100packs US $ 8.0 per pack (3) Order quantity 101 ~ 300 packs US $ 7.0 per package(4) Order quantity 301 ~ 500 packs per package US $ 6.0 (5) Order Quantity 501~ 1000 packs US $ 5.0 per pack.


<2>Assam Black Tea (Taiwan Tea 8) Assam Black Tea (Taiwan Tea 8) 75g Market PriceUS $ 2.34 per package

(1)Order Quantity 100 packs US $ 2.0 per pack (2) Order Quantity 300 packs US $1.67 per pack (3) Order Quantity 500 packs US $ 1.34 per package (4) OrderQuantity 1,000 packs per package US $ 1.17 (5) Order Quantity 3,000 packs US $1.0 per pack.


<3>Assam Black Tea (Taiwan Tea 8) 3g Market price per package US $ 0.45

(1)Order Quantity 1,000 packs US $ 0.4 per package (2) Order Quantity 3,000 packsUS $ 0.35 per pack (3) Order Quantity 5,000 packs US $ 0.3 per pack (4) OrderQuantity 10,000 packs per package US $ $ 0.25 (5) Order Quantity 50,000 packsper package US $ 0.2

Payment Details

  • Minimum Order : 1

Last Update : 2017-07-09
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