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ASAHI WATCH Four Seasons VIP Health Tea Package

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Four Seasons VIP Health Tea

Key Features

<1>ASAHI  WATCH  Four Seasons VIP Health Tea Package: (1) Oolong Old Tea / Verbena / Mulberry Leaf / Loquat Leaf / Clear Herb Tea 3.5 g 20 Pack + (2) Four Seasons Spring Tea / Luo Shen Hua / Chamomile / Four Seasons Health Herbal Tea 3 g 30 pack + (3) sweet-scented osmanthus / verbena / mint / Ceylon black tea / herbal spring drink 3 g 30 package + (4) Taiwan honey black tea / lavender / mountain osmanthus / acanthopanax / burdock / herbal VIP grade tea bag 3 g 30 Package + (5) Asahi line Taiwan Alishan Jinqi black tea / frozen top oolong competition tea stem / verbena / rosemary / Danshen / herbal Wanli tea bag 3.5 g 20 package each two boxes for a group

NT$ 8,400 .0 yuan USD 280.0 yuan RMB 186.6 yuan

<2>Oolong old tea / verbena / mulberry leaves / eucalyptus leaves / clear haze tea 3.5 g 20 package

 Haze tea all ingredients: verbena, Scutellaria barbata, Scutellaria barbata, toon, mulberry leaves, Loquat leaves , Old oolong tea's .Each pack of 3.5 g can be brewed with 500 cc of water, and each pack can be brewed many times. Shelf life is two years per package. Made in Taiwan.

     The good taste of old tea is unforgettable: good old tea tastes mellow and full of sweetness, unlike the stimulating feeling of raw tea, which makes people breathe in the mouth of the throat, it is the unique taste of old tea, and it is also many The reason why tea friends can't put it down.

   Haze Tea 3.5 g/20 packs per box sells for NT$ Price NT$ 599.0 US$ 20.65 RMB 133.10 
 http://www.idealez.com/product-detail/en_US/143006/1   The SGS test report BA/2018/60217、BA/2018/60217A-01 

<3>Four Seasons Spring Tea / Luoshenhua /Chamomile / Four Seasons Herbal Tea 3 g 30 Pack

    Four Seasons Health Tea All Ingredients: Luoshenhua, cinnamon, chamomile, cassia seed, licorice, all season spring black tea composition. Combining Chinese herbal tea with Western tea and Taiwan red tea leaves people with a variety of formulas, which is a new choice for health tea.Each pack of 3.0 g can be brewed with 500 cc of water each time. Each pack can be brewed multiple times. Shelf life is two years per package.Made in Taiwan.

 Four seasons of black tea Have you seen leaflets of Taiwan black tea? Most of the black tea are big leaf species. Taiwan's tea growers use leaflets Jin Xuan or four seasons spring tea to make black tea, these are originally used to make oolong tea species. Leaflets of Taiwan black tea is very good drink is also very unique, four seasons spring black tea has a natural floral flavor, Jin Xuan black tea has a natural milk flavor, only the leaflets of black tea in Taiwan. We have organic cut and hand picked alpine leafy black tea. Welcome to try!

        Four Seasons Health Tea 30 pcs Per Box NT$ 799.0 yuan  USD$27.55 yuan  RMB 177.5 yuan 

http://www.idealez.com/product-detail/en_US/143007/1   SGS Inspection Test Report BA/2018/62265, BA/2018/62265A-01

<4>Osmanthus / Verbena / Peppermint / Sri Lanka Black Tea / Herbal Spring breeze tea Drink 3 g 30

       Spring Herbal Tea All Ingredients: Sweet Osmanthus, Verbena, Long Spruce, Qianjinteng, Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum, Ear Hook Grass, Horseshoe Golden, Peppermint, Sri Lanka Black Tea, etc. Combining Chinese Herbal Tea with Western Flower Tea and Sri Lanka Black Tea The versatile spring breeze is filled with a variety of formulas, which is another new choice for health tea.   Each pack of 3.0 g can be brewed with 500 cc of water each time. Each pack can be brewed multiple times. Shelf life is two years per pack. Made in Taiwan.

    Spring Beverage Drink 3.0 g/30 packs per box Original price NT$ 750.0 yuan per box USD$25.86 yuan RMB 166.6 yuan Sale price NT$ 599.0 yuan
 USD 20.65 yuan RMB 133.1 yuan 

http://www.idealez.com/product-detail/en_US/144364/1  SGS Inspection Test Report BA/2018/61838, BA/2018/61838A-01

<5>Taiwan honey black tea/ Lavender /Mountain Osmanthus/ Burdock / Herbal VIP Tea Bag 3 g 30 Pack
     VIP tea full ingredients : Osmanthus fragrans, Acanthopanax, Burdock, Lavender, Marshmallow, Honey and black tea. Combining Chinese grass tea with western flower tea and Taiwan honey black tea, people have unique multi-level formulas for drinking tea in summer and winter, and it is another new choice for health tea. VIP tea can brewed 500 cc of water per package 3.0 g, each package can brew many times. Shelf life is two years per package. Made in Taiwan.

   The honey scented tea is to be attributed to the small green leafhopper that will bite the tea leaves. The leaves that look a bit wrinkled and yellow in color are bitten by small green leaves. After the leaves of the small green leaf pupa saliva have been completely fermented, It makes the teas sweet and mellow, but also carries a multi-layer of honey and sweet-scented osmanthus flowers, but it must be organically cultivated without pesticides. Thanks to its good taste and good quality, the reputation of the market is good. The mountain tea is mainly composed of two leaves and one young leaf. The dew is moist in the morning and the farm fog is taken care of in the evening. The tea growers continue to innovate research and development to make the tea glycol throat taste unique. Good quality honey black tea.

   VIP tea is sold in boxes of 3.0g/30 packs per box for NT$1,200.0 yuan USD 41.38 yuan RMB 266.6 yuan

http://www.idealez.com/product-detail/en_US/146200/1    SGS Inspection Test Report BA/2018/62266, BA/2018/62266A-01

<6>Alishan Golden Tea / Frozen top oolong /competition tea stem /Verbena/rosemary/salvia/ herbal Miles tea bag 3.5 g 20

    Wanli Tea Ingredients: verbena, rosemary, acanthopanax, cassia twig, large leaf jackknife, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Mopancao, alone live, Alishan Jinhe black tea, frozen top game tea branches and other components. Combining Chinese herbal tea with Taiwan's Alishan Jinhe black tea and tea stalks, it is a delightful and diverse formula, and it is another new enjoyment of health tea.Each pack of 3.5g can be brewed with 500cc of water, and each pack can be brewed many times. Shelf life is two years per package.

     Alishan Jinxuan black tea production area is located in the north of the Tropic of Cancer on bothsides of the 50 km above sea level, more than 1000 meters above sea level, inaddition to the unique cold tea flavor, Alishan tea also has a differentcharacteristics of other tea areas. Alishan tea features are as follows:
Sweetand soft: Alishan often fog, after its afternoon after two or three fogshrouded, resulting in slow growth of tea, leaves so thick growth. Local tea ismore colder than the plain, Gan more hypertrophy, so drink more back to Gan, drinkmore smooth and good into the throat.

     Deer Valley Frozen Top Oolong Tea Competition Tea stalks refer to the leaf stems of tea leaves, and others also call tea branches and tea stems. The so-called “tea stalks” specifically refers to the leaf stems that are picked from the finished tea. The tea stalks contain a considerable amount of aroma substances. During the processing of tea, the aromas are transferred from stems to leaf buds, and appropriate tea stalks are required. Produce aromatic high-taste tea.

    Million tea per box 3.5 g/20 packs per box price NT$ 1,000.0  USD 34.48 yuan RMB 222.2 yuan 

    This package is for the agents and distributors in the future to have the opportunity to try the test. Thanks to the local order, the EMS will be sent free of charge worldwide. Welcome online shopping.
; Google or Baidu Chinese input Xu Guanxing (sound syuguan) click

 Delivery from 2019/02/12 after the Spring Festival holiday in Taiwan

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