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Lightweight , Product with Aluminum

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 About our product

    This auction for Aluminum REAR TOWER BAR of ALUTEC for BMW E30 models only. 
    The Aluminum REAR TOWER BAR of ALUTEC for BMW E30 is to put all the possible deformation of the chassis power all back to the shock absorber & tires.
    Due to the proportion of the body weight and other external forces will make the front and rear anti-dumping resistance is not balanced. 
    So Aluminum REAR TOWER BAR of ALUTEC for BMW E30  will directly affect the weight of the body transfer and control of the balance.
    If the rear wheel anti-dumping resistance is too large will lead to excessive steering, and vice versa anti-dumping resistance is too large will lead to understeer.
    According to the amount of torque allocated under the wheel to enhance the performance of the vehicle bending.     
     Aluminum REAR TOWER BAR of ALUTEC for BMW E30  greatly reduces chassis twist & flex by tying the top of the struts together.  Can reduce the burden of the front drive wheel, to enhance the horizontal grip.Ensuring maximum steering response.
    This  is designed to bolt on to your vehicle's towers with common hand tools.

High-quality material
     In order to reach High rigidity and lightweight design, Aluminum REAR TOWER BAR  of ALUTEC for BMW E30  use high strength aerospace aluminum alloy, material number is 6061A. The strength tensile is 31.5kg/2mm. The weight are controlled under of 2.0KG. The material has a combination of high rigidity , toughness and elasticity. 
    Therefore,it can avoid the relative tension between the structural rod and the vehicle body to cause a structure deformation, in order to enhance rigidity ,in order to reach High rigidity and lightweight design.  
    The interior of the shaft, the structure of the W-type building bridge is mainly used and the seamless aluminum tubes with high density and high ductility are interbed. Its purpose to show the best rigidity.
     Fixed base with forging and computer CNC precision machining. And the shaft is connected with the part of the use of fish and body to complete the formation of welding and T6 aging to deal with strengthening the structural rod itself, the tension and strength.


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Last Update : 2019-05-02
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