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Alishan Oolong tea

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  • Type : Black Tea
  • Packaging  : Vacuum Pack

Key Features

          Alishan Oolong tea

Alishan tea production area is located in the north of the Tropic of Cancer on bothsides of the 50 km above sea level, more than 1000 meters above sea level, inaddition to the unique cold tea flavor, Alishan tea also has a differentcharacteristics of other tea areas. Alishan tea features are as follows:

Sweetand soft: Alishan often fog, after its afternoon after two or three fogshrouded, resulting in slow growth of tea, leaves so thick growth. Local tea ismore colder than the plain, more hypertrophy, so drink more back to Gan, drinkmore smooth and good into the throat.


Appearancecharacteristics: due to the appropriate climate of tea, coupled with theapplication of a large number of organic fertilizer, so made of oolong tea morerounded tight. After brewing tea is light golden yellow, with shiny. Taiwan'salpine distribution is very wide, the production of high mountain tea area, butstill Chiayi County and Nantou County elevation of 1,000 ~ 1,400 meters of theemerging tea-based, including Alishan tea, cedar tea, pear tea, Yushan tea Asthe representative.


Alishanmountain tea is known as the "Taiwan Takayama Tea", produced by theproduction of tea for its characteristics for the part of fermented tea(hemispherical tea or commonly known as Oolong tea), because the mountainclimate is cool, sooner or later clouds enveloped, the average sunshine short,Tea tree buds containing catechins and other bitter ingredients to reduce, andcatechine and soluble nitrogen and other ingredients contribute to the sweettaste, and buds soft, thick foliage, pectin content is high, so Alishanmountain tea color Green and fresh, mellow taste, strong throat rhyme, elegantand lasting fragrance. Chiayi County: Chiayi County is the production ofTakayama tea in Taiwan, the important producing areas, planting areas.


<1>Alishan Oolong tea 150g market price per package US $ 36.67 yuan(1) OrderQuantity 1 ~ 50 packs US $ 33.0 per pack(2)Order quantity 51 ~ 100 packs US $ 29.34 per package(3) Order quantity 101 ~300 packs US $ 25.67 per package

(4)Order quantity 301 ~ 500 packs US $ 22.0 per package(5) Order Quantity 501 ~1000 packs US $ 18.34 per package.


<2>Alishan Oolong tea 75g market price per package US $ 20.0 yuan(1) OrderQuantity 100 packs US $ 18.0 per package

(2)Order Quantity 300 packs US $ 16.0 per pack(3) Order Quantity 500 packs US $14.0 per package(4) Order Quantity 1,000 packs US $ 12.0 per pack(5) OrderQuantity 3,000 packs US $ 10.0 per pack.


<3>Alishan Oolong tea 3g bag tea market price per package US $ 1.67 yuan(1) OrderQuantity 1,000 packs US $ 1.5 per pack

(2)Order Quantity 3,000 packs US $ 1.34 per package(3) Order quantity 5,000 packsper package US $ 1.17(4) Order quantity 10,000 packs per package US $ 1.0(5)Order Quantity 50,000 packs US $ 0.84 per package.


Payment Details

  • Minimum Order : 1

Last Update : 2018-01-20
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